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I Am Dexter


I Am Dexter

I am a cat

I am Dexter the Cat. I am all-knowledgeable and omnipotent because I am a cat. I live with the Turkingtons, who I chose to live with out of all the other houses in the neighbourhood (suckers).


Pet me. Now.

Meet The Furry Snacks



She looks so tasty.



She looks so tasty.



She looks so tasty.

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About Me

Because my story is so interesting.

I joined the Turkington family in 2019. I was brought to the Turkington household by my buddy Fang who the Turkingtons have been feeding for over 5 years. Fang said they are totally soft in the head and if I made a nuisance of myself, they might take me in. I really didn't enjoy living outside as I'm too lazy to hunt for food and sleeping outdoors was really bothersome. So, I decided to engage with the little person as I could tell she usually gets what she wants - like me. I also decided to sit outside their windows and cry - like I owned the place already.


It worked.

They tried to pass me off to the RSPCA but within an hour of giving me away, they decided they wanted me back. Because - who wouldn't? Right? Consequently, they took me back from the RSPCA and I joined the Turkington family forever.

About Me

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