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Furry Snacks

Hello all. As you know, I've been put on a diet. Completely unacceptable!! Consequently, I've decided to supplement my diet with furry snacks, to the horror of the staff.

You may or may not know this - but I own some furry snacks already. This is a picture of me watching over them. I cultivate them, like livestock, so that they will be nice and fat for me to eat one day.

However, as they are not quite 'ready' yet, I have decided to catch wild furry snacks in the mean time.

I caught my first mouse about a month ago. I wanted to punish the staff for the diet thing, so I decided to 'sacrifice' this one by lettting it go in the dining room. The staff couldn't find it for a week! LOL! This is a picture of me LOLing.

Shortly after that, I brought a second mouse home. Unfortunately the staff caught it and took it away from me. Consequently, I don't bother bringing them home now. I just eat them outside. I also eat bugs - they are tasty.

So, I think the staff can forget that 'diet' thing. I'm not fat anyway. As one of my fans said, I have big, thick fur, that's all. Anyway, as they say, "bon appétit!"

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