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They Say I'm Fat!

It's been a while since my staff have been able to blog on my behalf. It appears the big lady fried her PC and she is now learning to use a Mac. She has promised me that she will blog more frequently. I know that all of you have missed me very much and that you are wondering what I've been doing.

So, do you remember when I had to take a trip to the vets in that awful box? Well, last week, I had to go AGAIN! And it was because the vet decided I'm FAT! ME! FAT!

This is what I think of the vet:


Anyway, the staff have cut my breakfast biscuits by a 3rd. This is totally unacceptable. I've been spending more time away from the house. I'm hoping that one of the neighbours will take pity on me and feed me more and better food.

Please do not hesitate to send food parcels. Try to find a way to give them directly to me so that we don't have to involve the staff.

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1 Comment

Sheri Wilson
Sheri Wilson
Aug 08, 2021

"...don't have to involve the staff." Dexter,'re such a sneak! I'm sure your beloved fans will see than you get a few special biscuits. Love you big boy. That's big, not fat. 🐱

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