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The Demise of the Furry Snacks

It has been quite a while since I've posted. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is that we had a massive churn in our Furry Snack population and it upset my mental Feng Shui so badly I've been unable to come up with anything relevant to say until now.

My mental Feng Shui in February

To make a long story short, two of my beloved snacks died unexpectedly in December over the Christmas holiday, leaving me with just one newly-acquired snack named Stitch. I was really unhappy about this. Stitch wasn't very happy with the sitution either, as she had become quite close friends with the other two. Consequently, I had to repeatedly hound the staff over and over again to obtain two more little snacks, which they finally did in February (named Bobbin and Zipper). So I am finally back up to three furry snacks that I plan to watch closely for the next few months until they are plump and juicy (YUM!).

Watching over the furry snacks

Along with the sad story of furry snacks coming and going, my staff all had Covid in February, which meant they were all completely useless for a couple of weeks and I had to constantly remind them to get out of bed and feed me. They hardly feed me enough as it is!

In January, the staff manager also took a business trip to France, leaving me with the other two staff members to care for my daily needs. This actually worked to my advtange because I managed to score double dinners a couple times. I hope she goes away more often.

I'm looking forward to spring. During the winter I have to poop in my litter box as it's too cold/wet/ugly for me to do my business outside. It's so demeaning. I tolerate it, barely.

I think I have brought you up to date now. Stay safe everyone.

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