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I love to tease the staff....

My staff adore me. Like, they literally worship the ground I walk on. As they should. Every day they feed me, pet me, let me in and out, and then in and out again. They are very well-trained for the most part.

One thing they do every day without fail is give me fresh, cold, filtered water from the fridge in the kitchen. Which I ignore.

Instead, I insist in drinking from the neighbours pond (it's really my pond - it just happens to be in the neighbour's garden).

This upsets the staff for some reason. I know not why. Here is a picture of me after having a long drink at my pond while they shout at me from the upstairs window.

As you can see, they make me laugh out loud. Stupid staff.

Anyway, I'm off to get another drink. Bye for now.

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