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Oh dear, I'm in a little bit of trouble. Recently, I discovered that the front door to the house is made of this lovely, totally scratchable wood. It reminds me of the garden shed in our back garden, which I tear to shreds on a daily basis. However, I don't get to go out all the time, and I'm lazy anyway. It's just much easier to go scratch up the front door rather than go all the way into the back garden to the shed.

Anyway, apparently the people I live with quite like this door and they are really unhappy with me. The big guy says he wants to give me away, but the lady and the little person said "no", so that's a relief. I think the big guy is lying anyway.

I spent at least half an hour on his lap yesterday getting my head rubbed. I know he likes me!

At the moment, the only thing I can think to do is hide my activity. I plan to wait until they are asleep or away - which is kind of what I've been doing anyway.

More to come on this story.....

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Sheri Wilson
Sheri Wilson
29 มี.ค. 2564

Well Dexter, I see from your big, long claws how you made the big, ugly (yes, sorry, ugly) scratches on the door. Bad boy! I know you have to scratch 'cause that's what cats do, but get yourself off your pretty gray butt and go scratch on the garden shed!!!

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