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Summer is such a busy time

I'm very sorry I haven't updated my blog recently. Because I do not have fingers, I have to get the staff to transcribe for me. The little female member of staff isn't really up to the job, and the big guy and I have an understanding about tasks such as this (as in he's too stupid to do them properly), so I usually have the big lady do all the work.

But lately she's been absolutely useless! She keeps blathering on about 'working two jobs' and 'she can't do everything', etc. etc. What a moaner. As you can see from my picture, I've been extremely busy as well, and I still came up with word to put into my blog!

Just look how hard I'm working! I'm almost noticably breathing, I'm working so hard!

Anyway, hopefully I can snap the big lady into shape and update my blog more frequently. Now that it's summer, there is a lot going on, such as watching birds and sleeping and eating.

Here is a picture of me enjoying the summer. It's such hard work.

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