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The staff are not happy.

For some reason the staff are not happy with me this afternoon, so I'm hanging out here in protest.

The big lady received some very comfortable items of clothing in the mail recently. She must not have liked them because she put them in my cat room for me to sleep on. She calls it the 'guest' room - but it's really mine, like every other room in the house.

Anyway, she left these clothes on the bed and they were SO COMFORTABLE that I just had to sleep on them, because she left them out for me to sleep on, right?

Well, apparently she decided to return them to the store today. And apparently the staff at the store told her that they wouldn't take them back because they were covered in my lovely fur. I mean - HOW RUDE! My fur is so luxurious and wonderful! Who wouldn't want my fur all over them! And it was only £77 worth of clothing! I'm worth far more than that.

I hear the big guy threatened to give me away again. The big lady was able to talk the shop into taking the clothes back by showing them pictures of me and explaining how fabulous I am - at least that is the story I'm telling.

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