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The Staff Are Terrible Here

Today I asked the staff to let me out. Did they bother to tell me it was raining? NO!! They didn't. Consequently, I had to go huddle under my favourite bush while I waited for them to come back and let me in. So, I waited... and waited... And then I finally got sick of waiting and decided to go knock on the window.

Can you see the look of displeasure in my eye ball? They didn't even open the window properly! Horrible! Disaster! Useless!

I had to give them the look of doom before they would open the window. I was so digusted. They are proper useless.

Dinner was 5 minutes late as well.

I would fire them all if I could.

But then - what would I do? Who would warm my dinners, and rub my belly and show their undying gratitude towards me?

I guess they can continue working for me - for now.

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